The Evolution of Accounts Receivables Management Services

Full Service Accounts Receivables Management Company

Occupational Management Group, LLC offers effective and proven Account Receivables Management services. Working with many recognized institutions, we build relationships on the foundations of respect, stability and consistency.


By treating each consumer with individual consideration and understanding their specific needs we offer an experience suited to their needs.


OMG accepts most payment methods allowing the consumer a simple, easy way to make payments.


By adhering to the most stringent compliance standards we provide outstanding, exceptional performance in collection and client services.

Optimizing Recovery Performance
We recognize the importance of brand and through conscientious and meticulous adherence to state & federal regulations we maintain our clients brand integrity while implementing processes and procedures which optimize the performance of our recovery practices.

By finding the correct balance between service reliability and compliance practices, and through personalized client consultation we increase the opportunities for profit growth with improved recovery methods. Learn more…

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