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For your convenience, OMG accepts many conventional methods of payment for account resolution. Consumers can make payments through our website, contact an agent to pay by phone, and get information on where to mail payments
This free resources provided by the federal government offers financial education information for anyone of any age. Their numerous programs for youth, teachers, researchers and other individuals offer a composed viewpoint on personal finance including tips and tricks for financial planning to improve financial stability.

Receivables Management Association is a trade organization for the receivables management industry that provides online financial education resources for consumers. The Consumer Resources section of the RMA website provides resources, information, and tools to help you make knowledgeable financial choices and take control of your finances. It also suggests information on how to protect against deception and fraud.

Your credit report is a detailed history of your borrowing and the outcome of those accounts. Regular monitoring of your credit report helps protect against fraud and keeps you abreast of your financial prospects. (provided by Experian) offers consumers a free tool to check and monitor credit reports and credit scores.

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Occupational Management Group, LLC, maintaining strict adherence to compliance is a pivotal arm in our success. We welcome feedback about your experience with OMG. Comments, concerns, and issues are addressed by our compliance team and we work diligently to answer these in a timely manner. We invite you to contact our team.

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